Knock on wood - a podcast for forest lovers - 2017 / 04 / 21

Knock on wood - a podcast for forest lovers

2017 / 04 / 21

This May, the forest company Södra will launch a podcast created and produced by Brand New Content.

Sweden has 330.000 private forest owners and Södra is the largest forest owners association with over 50.000 members.

Södra was looking for a way to increase knowledge in business policy around forest issues, to reach wider with the company’s opinion-driving work and influence the Swedish public's views on forestry.

Brand New Content was approached to develop a strategy for content, format and distribution a also produce a pilot podcast episode.

Our solution: “Skogen och framtiden” (“The forest and the future”) is a podcast for anyone interested in who has the power and influence over the forest, about the importance of forests in climate change, about what sustainable forestry is and about the importance and terms of forest ownership.

The show is being conducted by Södra's industrial policy team, Marcus Svensson, Mats Blomberg and Göran Örlander.