I brottets spår

New documentary series: "Recollection of a crime"

2023 / 11 / 09

The new documentary series "Recollection of a crime" (I Brottets Spår) takes on one of Sweden's most spectacular crimes in recent years.

For almost a year, SVT's crime reporters Karin Fagerlund and Lasse Lampers, have followed the investigation into 20-year-old Tove's death in Vetlanda - from Tove's disappearance to the verdict against two young women in the Court of Appeal. In their search for answers, Karin and Lasse meet investigators, prosecutors and lawyers and review the details of the investigation. They also meet neighbors, friends and others involved to get to the bottom of what really happened and how it affected Vetlanda as a community.

The documentary series in three parts premieres on SVT on November 13th.